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True Love

Whistlin Wendell Wimperwill
was worried bout his life.
For he was long now come of age
 and as yet found no wife.
Whining Wilma Wearinwoe
 as well was without love.
For every time she felt that pull
 then backwards would she shove.
Waiting were they, each would word,
 for what they wouldn't say.
Weird the world would wind them round,
 to meet one wondrous day.
One Wednesday well on towards noon,
while Wendell and Wilma fed.
They chanced to meet at a cafe,
 and by the weekend were they wed.
Wherever Wendell walks to now,
 Wilma walks beside.
The world a wondrous place to be,
 they roam it far and wide.

W. A. Mogollon

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