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I'm Peeing

The Pond

Into the pale blue pond I walk, uninhibited. Having shed my pretenses upon the bank, they lay worried for me. The water’s cold upon my skin, exhilarating. Languidly striding deeper, I cut a path through the crystal plateau. Churning water in my wake, but not a splash is made. Deeper still, move I, stirring in the spongy mud at the bottom of this pond. The water now engulfs me to my waist. It’s chill stole the breath from me. I inhaled deeply the cold crisp air around me, so fresh.

The water at my waist seemed to cut me right in half. I pictured myself a Merman, emerging from the depths of some ocean. My arms outstretched to either side, dragging my fingertips across the waters mirrored surface. The cold of the water was growing unbearable. Permeating my skin, and reaching to the very marrow of these brittle bones. So, I decided to warm it up a bit.


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