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Ode To My Foreskin
---for My friend Cynical---
--- though written of my own---

T'were just a tiny piece of skin,
Removed just as my life begin.
Oh friend of mine, I never knew
Scrotum sorrowed, ballz be Blue,
Stolen from me near to birth,
And I have searched the whole wide earth.
Not by my leave cut away,
And left me with such great dismay.
An inch or two you understand,
and without it am I less the man.
The cost of loss I'll never know,
Now six and five eighth's all I show.
I miss my foreskin, flesh-o-mine,
and on my quest I've seen no sign.
But some day have it back I hope.
That funny hat for my one eyed pope.

W. A. Mogollon

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