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Ode to cows

Say what’cha willo

‘bout the armadillo

but’cha better not talk

ill about the cow.

Speak just what’cha wanna

‘bout da critters from Bottswana

but the price of beef

is movin up the dow.

Say just what’cha might

About all the birds of flight

Cuz your never gonna

see them in a burger.

Talk about the elk

Cuz their not givin milk

So I really can’t complain

about their murder.

And all the fishes in the sea

Can swim to Honoly,

Cuz they do not possess

cute bovine eyes.

Yeah, Cows are big and round

But I’d rather have ‘em ground

And flame broiled

With a side of fries!

W. A. Mogollon

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