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Something I wrote to exercise my rhymin skillz.
Innate State
This day began two hours late,
as my alarm went off at eight.
So far my writings
do not satiate
and with this pen
I masturbate
with tiny thoughts to contemplate
in hope you to me
Such is my fate
to grow irate
and thin ice skate
all as I alliterate.
I have no hate
 for this debate
as I create
and long to mate
and copulate
 and realize  
I've a full plate
to consummate.  
The only thing I can relate,
to get this poem more toward great
would be to me if my name were Nate.
but it ain't.
I do hope you appreciate
 this crafty trait
I enumerate
was all to sate
my mental state
and infiltrate
a hazy pate
I hope that you will take the bait
 and thoughts inflate
and all your thinkings come out straight.

I thought I was done but then this quickly followed.
I Needa Quit
Wasn't that of interest
Just to test my ryhmes
I wonder how long
I might have gone
Might I have continued on
until at last I had a song?
right to left and writing wrongs
and all the world could eat my dong.
I like a chick who wears a thong
and many of them make a throng
A harem that could play ping pong
and I am strong
to go along
and lust like mighty big King Kong
so hit me like a water bong
and hold my ballz with metal tongs
and skewer each with corn cob prongs
I think that I've gone on to long
so imma S.T.F.U. now.
then this came out
I have more important fish to fry
I have to pee and so go I.
OK, that is all I have for you today.


W. A. Mogollon

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