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Would that my ass had more pad,
more flesh upon would make me glad.
A rounded bum semi-like J-lo,
with a cross and mix from Arsenio.
More flesh for me where needed most,
and oft mistook for a big beef roast.
Of narrah ass I do be now,
but wish me more like ka-boom, ka-pow!
Like florence griffith Joyner Kersey,
not backless so like Barbara Hershey.
If over my shoulder ass abounded,
I'd knock shit over when I turnt arrounded.
Were I just gifted with a big kaboose,
the junk in my trunk I'd put to use.
Don't get me wrong, the ladies like,
That I'm endowed with a railroad spike.
But I'm sure it'd more to make them stammer,
If I drove it with more than this tack hammer.

W. A. Mogollon

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