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Airplane Rock

Nothing clings closer to me
then a Hot fart on a cold day.
At 9 a.m. this morning
I stood,
(Having most recently climbed)
Atop Airplane Rock in Sedona, Az.
What the hell were you doing
at an hour like that?
My ballz, (tiny as they are)
were an inferno.
So I sat them down
Gainst the cold stone of that monument.
Why are so many
natural rock formations
referred to as monuments?
When the only thing 
they give testament to is time,
and unrelenting stubbornness.
(Crumble Already)
But cool my balls before you go.
The cold permeated
my Pequeno pelotas (small balls)
and soothed from them
the fire of my predicament.
Oh when they get ta burning,
It's all I can do
not to twist the heads offin small aminals.

W. A. Mogollon

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