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A Minkey's Life
(to be read in a british accent)
Oh, but I doth love a minkey.
Silken red asses ashined  
for seemingly only me.
Sullen masturbations  
and cagey lustful spillages
of self wrought pleasures.
Golden sprays of sunshine
applied to eyes themselves.
A finger sniffing good life
do the minkies have.
I covet for my own.
For who wouldn't do
to hurl a poo
at some fat cotton candy stuffed
little bahstard.
Who stopped with runny nose a moment
to view my imprisonment.  
With no second thought
To my suffrage.
What crime did I commit.
watch him flee my peltings.
Tis chiefly why I love a minkey
however stinky they may be.
I'd choose that life
alas for me.

W. A. Mogollon

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