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A Grander Death
The clouds attempt a takeover,
staging a coo on these autumnal skies
 and Bye-d-byes are bidden
 to the summers sun.
The season fades serene
 as leaflet after precious leaflet
 gives up it's ghost
 to take that slow flittering
 plunge to earth.
The leap and fall,
to soon for most,
who cling tenuous to life.
Delusions each and everyone
 of a grander death.
Dreams of each and all,
that their own demise
shall be more glorious.
 That they will thunderously smite the earth
 when they at last do fall
to the call of the changing season.
Smashing down will they come one day,
with atomic force
and tear this world asunder.
I wish you well my tiny friends.
 I wish you well.

W. A. Mogollon

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