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As some of you may know I have been persecuted by a stalker for the last few years. My stalker is an 80 year old woman who once wrote me an email complimenting me on the humorcafe.com website. She seemed like a nice old gal in the beginning. I wrote her back thanking her for her compliments. (Note to self: Never Again!) Before long this woman was writing me every day.

She started telling me all the details of her life. How she had a granddaughter that was in a coma and it was sad because the granddaughter had a son. How she was estranged from the grandaughters mother. Details about the granddaughters personal problems. Just generally stuff you wouldn't tell a stranger. Or perhaps the stranger is the only person you would tell since you didn't want people you knew in real life to actually know these things. Despite popular opinion I do have a heart and I did feel sympathy for the old lady so when I did write her back I would try to lift her spirits.

At one point she asked if I might write a special poem for her dying grand daughter. (Note to self: Never Again!) I told her I would do it if it came to me, making no promises. I eventually did write a poem and sent it to her and she shared it with her family. She made a couple of contributions to our website sending us 30 dollars on two occasions and sending me her husbands Pen he received as a retirement gift. I did not ask for these things. She had noticed the help support the site link and sent checks and I actually told her I did not want the pen since it probably had sentimental value to her husband.

Said Granddaughter wound up dying of some liver ailment, a sad tale to be sure, leaving a young son behind. The daughter and the son and the family were mentioned in the poem I wrote. I had posted this poem on my site but this woman wrote to me and said it was personal and she didn't want it available for the public. She started to act as if she owned the poem because of her donations. I took it down after informing her delicately that it was my poem not hers. Shortly after that this old lady starts to express some sort of infatuation with me or should I say even more of an infatuation.

Things took a turn for the bizarre when she wrote me telling me how one of my poems made her want to touch herself. She mentioned something about the vapors and how she got all flustered. It was mortifying to read and the image in my head still gives me nightmares Needless to say at this point I started to withdraw from her as she was beginning to make me nervous, and not to mention nauseous.

By this time this woman is writing me everyday, sometimes twice a day. She is writing me huge long emails telling me all about her life and trying to get more information about me and mine. I explained to her that I was a pretty busy guy and I could not respond to every email she sent me. Then she started to get demanding that I should be replying to all of her emails. They were novels each and everyone. I told her again that I did not have time. I am still trying to be nice here as I realize this woman has just lost someone dear, also realizing from what she says her own children do not speak with her because she does not take her medications.

This is where things began to get ugly. I then became the target for abuse. She would write me one minute a long friendly letter lavishing me with compliments for my many skills. Then an hour later she would write saying such things as "You probably have a small dick!" Or something to that affect. She would call me a midget and stuff of that nature. Then I would tell her to stop writing to me all together. For many months I endured this treatment from her. It came in waves. Letters from her pleading for me to respond to her and then closely followed by Glenn Close'ian ranting. I believe she wanted to boil my rabbit. Then came a couple of death threats.

Now I have had death threats before. Usually from some religious zealot telling me I would burn in hell for disrespecting their religion. But hearing death threats from some old bat who I only wrote to because I realized she was lonely and her own family wouldn't even talk to her, well that was a bit to much. I tried to report her to her internet provider when she started posting her stupid ass ranting in my website guestbook and forums. I spent hours on psycho patrol deleting all her comments after saving them to my hard drive. I blocked her from my site and thought I could be done with her. I might have had some success there but she kept opening new AOL accounts for access to my site. I blocked her from my website on a number of occasions. Once she wrote me how she was mad at AOL because they stopped letting her open new accounts when she would cancel them a couple weeks later. I laughed and laughed over that.

She started writing to anyone at my website domain. Sending emails to my website partner and calling him names as well. Using my contact form or guestbook or, forum at every opportunity. Claiming she had the right to be on my website and I was breaking the law by blocking her. She would log on from other peoples houses and claim that since we had a comments form she was evidently in possession of a god given right to say what ever she wanted to us. What a fucking freak! She was going to report me to the police and the FBI for some retarded ass reason or another. It is a shame that your not aloud to beat idiots like this.

At one point well into this bullshit she made the mistake of sending me an Easter greeting and not hiding the other addresses that she sent it to. So I replied to all of them and asked them all to stop this old hag from sending me emails. I explained how I had told the old bag on a number of occasions that I no longer was interested in anything she had to say and had demanded that she cease and desist from writing to me. I added the abuse departments of her ISP and her Yahoo account at the time. This idiot actually hit 'reply to all' back to me and proceeded to get psycho again. Responding to her own abuse departments. This prompted her daughter (Who was on the list) to write me and apologize for her mothers behavior. She told me that the old witch refused to medicate and that everyone had problems dealing with her. I tried to work with this daughter to have her stop her mother but that daughter gave up trying I guess as my stalker continued. I had even pleaded with this daughter to see that her mother get some mental attention. Through it all I realized that the old lady was sick and needed help. I was even contacted by the other daughter, the mother of the dead granddaughter, who tried to get me to call her to discuss it. I told her I did not want to talk to anyone. I did not want to have that conversation, I just wanted this psycho old bitch to leave me alone.

In august of 2004 I got a letter written by her husband telling me that she had died overnight. It was insulting as well as if he was angry that I could treat her that way. The letter told me how she had been laughing about my failed attempts to keep her from my website the very night she died. Not to be heartless or anything but I never felt better in my life to hear such bad news. I did not entirely believe it but it made me all warm and cozy inside to consider the possibility of it being truth. I was so relieved that I would be free of her. Have to hear about my poetry causing her to get the vapors so bad she contemplated knocking the dust from an ancient bahgina. She would never again make gross professions alluding to having desires for me. But mostly I just would not have to endure her feeble attempts to sound intelligent while she failed to insult me. I run rings about her logically so her silly gradeschool insults about the size of my penis were only laughable. I was happy for a while.

Now, imagine how upsetting it was when two months later she wrote me again laughing in her letter of how she had fooled me. Oh, she was a genius of a prankster as she saw it.  What's funny is no matter how relieved I had been to be free of her I did not hate her. I was actually sad that she had been a raving lunatic in her last hours on earth. All of that went out the window when she resumed her utter stupidity. At that point I really stopped caring whether or not she drew another breath ever. So her persecution of me continued. Really psychotic stuff. As well as threatening my life, she told me she wished my girlfriend "Would trip on a curb and break her fucking neck!"

I have endured all this for such a long time and look forward to the day that the reaper pays her a visit.

The other day she wrote me in a letter telling me all about how life had changed. Bill , the unfortunate husband, apparently had throat cancer and he can no longer speak. Poor dude can't tell her he wants her to shut the fuck up. They are living in their RV home. At one point she sent me pictures of her and her stupid little dog, named Shelly. Well that lucky little bitch passed on, and since then there have been two new dogs, name of shelly 2 and Shelly 3. I wonder if she also has a cactus name of Shelly. She went on to tell me all about how she really misses being able to see my website and read all my stuff and see my x-mas humor page, blah blah blah, and I am so talented, slurp slurp slurp. and then today she sends me this.

From: Wm&Kate [mailto:william_s94595@yahoo.com]
Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 12:16 AM
To: Andy Mogollon
Subject: go ahead, make my day..!!

Well Andy,

You little Fricking  sawed off, miserable little Creep.. To think I even thought you would be kind, and  appreciate, what life is all about..and think that I would want to read anything you wrote..  What a Creep...!! 

But as I said you are a miserable Frucking  Creep.. and Your not worth the "Spit"  it would take to get enough to Spit on your Computer...

To think you ever were a nice person in my eyes.. You should be ashamed that I wanted to even pull up your stupid Web Site.. and  read any of the creepy Shit you and your friends.. write..

The thought of you even writing stuff, that younger people could see..and Indiana People  White Trash.. especially   where you come from.. White Trash..

from what I read a while back... maybe not even White Trash.. Just  Trash...  "gimpy little  scum bags" like you do not deserve to be alive.. you need to get a life.. and do something for someone... in need...Ha.. what a joke...you would not know how.. I would not strain my eyes reading your Shit....


She shows definite psychotic behavior with her exuberant use of the dotdotdot and sometimes dotdotdotdot. As if her babbling is some how made more important by dramatic pauses. I wonder if she teetered over a vat of super heated liquid molten steel would she shout out something cliché like, "Goodbye cruel world!" Then add a verbal dotdotdot in effort to emphasize her impending demise just before I pushed her. Ohhh, dear lord and wouldn't I push her. Those dot's have always given me a Clint Eastwood-esque eye twitch whence I see them.

What happened to all the love? I have since sent this on to yahoo's abuse department to see if they might cancel this email address. I am not sure if they will as I believe I have reported this address to them before and they did not do it. That is a working email, address for this mental still birth of a woman. I do not advise writing to it as this woman seems as if she will live forever. She must be 83 or so by now.

I have kept a large amount of the emails that she has sent me and I contemplate posting them all here on my website for all to see. This one I have posted is really rather mild in comparison to some of the psycho rantings she has sent me in the past. At one point this lunatic was writing email to my ex-girlfriend to tell my ex how I was abusing a sweet little old lady by not allowing her to see my website.

Stalkers truly suck. I shall keep you posted on the happenings on this issue.

And it strikes again! This time posting the following message in the humor cafe funny forums. This was posted on the 29th of January.

I would like to know how I can get back on the Humorcafe.com... website.. I am banned and feel so terrible... Please Help me Howler... If you see this please e-mail at Katestvns1924@yahoo.com... forever me..

Notice the new email address. I wonder if my reporting her to yahoo abuse earned her an account cancellation. So Sad,,,NOT! Notice the change in attitude from the last letter I had posted above. Stalkers suck goat ballz. It almost amuses me how frantic she is to be allowed back on the website. Man think of all the fun stuff she is missing right now.

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