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You wont find this stuff anywhere else!!

Welcome everyone, some of the following pieces of original comedy were taken from HOWLERS Comedy Form Letter, "Your General Letter Quarterly". Some were created right here on our site in our message boards. Some were created in hopes that if there ever is another general letter they might be posted there.

If you haven't signed up for the GENLET MAILING LIST, perhaps these pieces of wit will inspire you. It's been along time since Howler sent one of these out. We won't promise you that there will ever be another issue, but we won't promise there won't - EITHER!

Genlet/Original Humor

Best of Humor Forum

[ Cyber Sex Gone Again ] If you haven't read the first one click the link below, then read this one. [ Masturbation Euphemisms ] Original list is from email but we added our own.
[ Cyber Sex Gone Wrong ] I was just minding my business and got an instant message. [ The Amish Connection ] Comments on the Amish Conspiracy.
[ Chat Room Pick-Up ] An even better collection of bad pick up lines. [ Auto-Erotic Chat ] A lively fun filled discussion.
[Angry Amphibians ] A list of frightening names for any sports team. [ The Downward Spiral ] A Hilarious General Chat.
[ Band Names ] Band names for the 21st century. [ How To Kill A Spice Girl ] A grand piece your sure to like.
[ Things To Yell ] Odd things to yell out for no apparent reason. [ Bad Pick-up Lines ] A collection of Bad pick up lines.
[ Things To Say ] Odd things to say during sex. [ Continuing Saga ] A quaint little tail constructed by visitors.
[ Band Names II ] It's really the original list, but we lost it, then found it again.


[ Lovingly Said ] Things lovingly said to ones partner.  [ I Figure ] Odd observations by several of the Naptown Nomads and friends.
[ Melon Balling ] A story from HOWLER's sister.  [ Instant Karma ] A true story.
[ Frolicking ] How I feel about frolicking.  [ Gas ] The benefits of having gas.
[ Foreign Movies ] How to tell if your getting a good foreign flick.  [ Sex Addiction ] How to tell if your a sex addict.

Be sure to Check out the GENLET Main Page. There you will find several quirky lists that were put together mainly from the pages of the general letter.

Also, don't forget to hit our message boards 'The HUMOR FORUM' and be sure to add your own comments. You Never know you might end up spotlighted here.

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