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This is our Humor page. As the title suggests of course. It contains the best jokes, funny lists, and funny pictures, found around the web, our e-mail, and our office. We always welcome good joke submissions for this humor page or any other. We constantly strive to bring you the best in butt gusting comedy from, around the web, down some streets, and up yours. hehehe!

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Mostly Original
 The Tidbits Section Contains Original Humor From the Humorcafe. Some taken from Howlers General Letter, and other scraps from the message boards and elsewhere.
All Original
A group of local friends have gotten together to help out with this project. The very first issue of our very own Onion'esque Newspaper Parody. Check it out, won't you?
FUNNY PICTURES The Best in Internet Funny Pics, and quite a few Original funny pix made by Howler. All of which have been edited for fast and easy download. Featuring Mr. Mitch's Funny Pictures. Plus extra Howler captions for each Picture. Link opens a new window to our funny pictures website.
GOOD JOKES A large collection of assorted Jokes to amuse everyone. We strive to weed out the bad jokes but be warned we do not censor comedy. Hopefully you won't be to offended. Jokes are semi-clean to semi-dirty.

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FUNNY LISTS Another large collection. Here you will find many of the funniest lists going around the internet. There is sure to be something here that you haven't seen, and all the great oldies that you want to see again.
LITERARY GEMS These are self explanatory Not really a list or to long to be a joke, and usually to short to be a story. They are all pretty damn funny though or we wouldn't have posted them here.
Mostly Original
A collection of mostly original funny short stories. Mostly written by humorcafe's own HOWLER or whatever it is he is calling himself these dayz.
DAILY CARTOONS Is proud to host some of the funniest cartoons and comics from around the web. Relatively new we only have 5 strips available but we will be adding more very soon. Be sure to hit this page often for regular updates. Link opens a new window to our funny pictures website.
LIFES LESSONS These Pictures were submitted to us through e-mail. We would appreciate knowing where they come from. They were to funny for us not to post. Link opens a new window to our funny pictures website.

Maybe you might like to check your Funny Horoscope or the Lunar Phases while your here, we even have the Astrological Prayer for each sign. Or give our Funny Fortune Teller a try. It just may know the answer to an important question.

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