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We of the Naptown Nomads would like to show our appreciation of your patronage by giving you free stuff. So, without any further ado, here is our current list of free stuff. Of course as usual we will be adding more free stuff as it becomes available.


Tell Your FaceBook Peeps

Free Back Grounds From . Cool Artwork For Free Back grounds. Abstract art and other styles. Free Downloads to Your PC. Free Back Ground Downloads
If you have Winamp, you should really like this skin, of our own creation. It is called "Oddballz" of course. It is a whole set with Amp, EQ, and  Play List. You can click on the picture to see the amp full size.

Oddballz Winamp Skin
{ Download Skin }

Here we have an Icon for your desktop. This Icon is available in small, large, and black background. For some browsers you may have to right click on the links and save target as.

Oddballz Icon
{ Small } { Black-bg } { Large }

If you like the game Tri Peaks, then here is a version that you can download and play on your own computer. It is only available for Win 95/98. This game is brought to you by NUMATRIX. { Free Tri-Peaks Game }
We have a Tai Pei game for you to download. You can play it from our server first to see if you like it and want to download it. It is the windows version of the game with the original graphics. { Download Now } { Try It First }
You can get free jokes delivered to your e-mail. All you have to do is follow the link to sign up for our  (click for sample) 3oddballz Joke Review. { Free Humor In Your E-Mail }
Have you ever   sent that special someone in your life a card for no  reason at all? Send them a V-Card from here, free. They are easy to make and even easier to pick up. { Free V-Cards }
Have you ever wanted to use dhtlm? If so, this place is a great source for scripts. DHTNL Scripts
You can get your very own free FUCK WORK stickers  at this site. They have all kinds of good stuff you can order also. fuck_work.jpg (4404 bytes)
Check this site out for a free genealogy search. Find people free. Free Genealogy Search
Send Free E-Cards of many varieties. Check them out at Free E-Cards
Here is a link to a page to grab plug ins and other cool things for graphic arts programs. Check it all out. FREE STUFF FOR
Paint Shop Pro and PhotoSHop
A ton of free ring tones for your cell phone. Free Ring Tones
A lot of cool free tips and tricks for website building and html goodies. Free HTML Tips and Tricks
Play free online Java games. Free Flash Games available as well. Free Web TV Games Link Free Online Games

That is all the free stuff we have to offer right now. If you have some truly free stuff you want others to have then by all means send us mail and let us know, so we can post it.

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