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(To be read in a secret hush-hush voice)

Shhhhhhh, CDTrips here, glad you could make it. The reason you have been invited here is because Iceman and me, decided it is high-time something was done about HOWLER. His egomaniacal fantasies and plans for cyber-world domination, (and I don't even wanna mention what he does to puppies) are getting out of hand. I tried myself to rid the world of his plots and schemes but who would have thought his cro-magnon like frontal lobe could deflect a bullet.

We have decided to enlist your help for a solution and put this into your hands. Falling back on Icemans extensive knowledge of the arcane and some tricks he learned at Voodoo Priestess camp (Don't ask!)  We have infused this photo of HOWLER with the essence of his spirit. Now it is up to You to punish HOWLER for his fowl schemes and many transgressions.

Your prompt attention to this matter is of the utmost urgency.

Thank You

If you think you might perhaps need some practice before giving HOWLER a lil' bit of 'What fur', then use the scroll down menu and pick someone else on the list.

Perhaps you would like to submit your own victim to be punched slashed and shot.

You don't have Java... sorry!!

If you have somebody you want to add to the killer app, for others to take aim at, then send me the pic and I will add them. Add em.

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