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Your story continues. Just in case you forgot we last saw the Bush looking like a retard (is that redudndant) saying "Oh, My own Dear Lawd and Sweet Baby Jeebus! I can't watch!!!" Read on good citizens as more mayhem awaits you.

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"Sergent, lik, what's the status?"

Sergent: "Seems like the hurricane is approaching. The Power Rangers deployed their Megazord by the coast, sir."


"Oh Snapz! Megaz0rz Go!!!"

"Sir, is the Megazord enuff?"

"You underes...under-est...und...undesti...condemn teh Power Ranj0rz? You sir are stripped of your rank!"

Awww, Jimmminy Fucknutz!!!11

Red Ranger: "Alright guys. Let's tame this hurricane!"

"Not so fast, Rangers! Goldar! Go and protect my hurricane!"

"I like gooooooooooooold."

Bippity Boppity KalliKaBlam!!!

*Who0o0o0o0o0o0o0osh* (*Not unlike a terlet flushing*)

"May god save America...!"

Bush: "g2g brb"

All: "The president is LEAVING?"

"George Bush doesn't care about Black Rangers!"

"hmm...guess it's up to me."

"Hecko, Cali?"

Later that day...

All in Megazord: "Who the heck?!"

"yaa, zee whit housse cawled mee. Look like yoo Powaa Rawingaz neeed help."


"Oh, Jimmminay FuckNutz! But This is gonna get ugly!!!"




"Hasta La Vista, Rita!"

Woot Woot, It's my birfday, Who's ya Daddy!

And so Ends another adventure of Dick and Bush. Thank god the Bush got congress to give us the 20 mill a couple years back for our anticipatory victory celebrations. We would like to thank the power Rangers, especially that Pink One, Ain't she just a cutey, anyways, we wanna thank em for all there efforts in keeping america safe since our troops were busy Lining the pockets of the major oil companies. A special thanks to Ahnold Tehmin8r SchvanzNYaeger for taking time off from his gubernatorial duties to get the assist there in defeating Rita and the evil witch. Kinda makes ya wonder why the Cheney counnt have just shot the Rita in the face or some shit. At any rate The evil storm from hell and George bushes bowels was finally defeated and we can all go back to eating our 99 cent double cheesburgers and supersized fries and cokes. Yea, America!! Yea!!!!!!!!!

AMERICA!!!11, FUX YEA!!!11one!!

And we all lived happily ever after.

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